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The technical skills and expression in Lucidity are captivating. We too become aware of the playful and pleasing nature of the dream. A playground of thrills, risk-taking, spectacular drops, diving and falling.
Festival les Arènes de la Danse et du Cirque, 2016.

is an aerial silks solo based upon the feeling of being in a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming, and all their senses come alive. The dreamer has the ability to observe and/or control their dreams. With such awareness the dreamer can explore the inner workings of their unconsciousness with total freedom to play and risk-take.

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The audience are invited into Anna’s lucid dream where her supple and delicate lines plummet into breathtaking drops. The timbre of cello and piano switching between contrasting major and minor chords enhances the dream's mood of urgent agitation on its journey to ultimate bliss.

Lucidity debuted in Nottingham (March 2016), before going through redevelopment with FloGab, in France, enhancing the tricks, drops and transitions. This new and improved version of Lucidity debuted at Festival les Arènes de la Danse et du Cirque (November 2016), and is available for bookings.

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Lucidity requires a minimum height of 6 metres, with an adapted version available for venues with limited height. For a full length version of Lucidity and to book, please email: