Classes: Aerial Aces

When Anna is not performing, she loves teaching! As well as offering private tuition, Anna also teaches classes in aerial silks at: Oadby and Leicester Gymnastics Club. Classes run throughout the year and when Anna is away, cover is provided.

Classes are welcoming and friendly for beginners but also challenge enthusiasts to professional performers who wish to enhance their movement style/vocabulary. All classes are booked through Team Up and eveyone must book online before turning up to a class.

All classes are booked via Team Up:

What to wear:

Please wear tight fitted clothing which you can move freely in, bring layers to minimise burns/grazes and avoid any zips or buttons as these may damage the material. Please tie long hair back and remove all jewellery, small ear studs should be fine.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to:

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Class Descriptions:

Aerial Aces Kids (aged 10-15)

Sundays 17:30-18:30 will focus on building strength, confidence and flexibility in a fun and safe environment. Learning when and how you are safe is essential therefore students will frequently be asked “In this position, what makes you safe and why?”, it is crucial that students gain this understanding early on. This class is suitable for all levels. Once comfortable inverting at height, individuals will focus on building their endurance in the air, learning more difficult drops and sequences, eventually leading towards routines.

Aerial Aces Development (14+)

Sundays 18:45-19:45: will focus on developing strength, flexibility and performance skills in a fun, professional and safe environment. This is a mixed level class but students should have a good understanding of when and why they are safe in the air, and be keen to develop as a performer and athlete. It is suited to highly motivated and/or skilled aerialists, looking to take their training to another level. The class will focus on pushing intermediate to advanced level drops and sequences, building endurance and working towards routines. Conditioning and flexibility training will be incorporated weekly, it is not for the faint-hearted!

Aerial Aces Community (16+)

Sundays 20:00-21:00: will focus on building strength and effective body positioning to be able to confidently lift oneself in the air. You’ll learn how to maneuver the material efficiently and when you’re safe (and not so) to promote thinking aerialists. The class is suited to a variety of abilities from beginner-advanced. More advanced students will focus on performing more challenging drops and sequences. Conditioning and flexibility training will be incorporated weekly for everyone, let’s get strong and bendy!

Also on offer:

  • Private Tuition (in person) on Sundays
  • Online Private Tuition via Zoom in Strength, Flexibility and Aerial (if you have your own kit safely rigged)
  • 4 Week Programmes to help reach specific goals

For more information/to book:

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Anna also teaches for Showtime Circus & Studio M Fitness, they have many classes on offer for all ages so check them out!

Student Photoshoot:

In 2018 Anna and DWC collaborated on a photo shoot for students who trained with her in Oadby, Leicester and Loughborough. It was a great success and when Anna is back in the country for a substantial amount of time, she would love to organise another one! Check out some of her past and current students:

Testimony: Tsvetelina Ivanova MBPsS

“Anna has been my Aerial mentor for over 7 months now and has been incredible. She an amazing teacher, has a fantastic personality and is an extremely gifted artist.

Her knowledge and skills in aerial arts are at a very high level, and she goes above and beyond to support each individual student to achieve their goals. I would recommend Anna’s classes to anyone who is looking to start a new activity and to aerialists who are looking to go to the next level of their skills!”

Parent Testimonies:

“We are thoroughly amazed and thrilled at the amount of progress that our daughter has made within a year and Anna has certainly passed her love and passion of aerial performance onto her. With her exceptional care and rigorous commitment for safety, we know our daughter has been in the best hands.”

“The passion, the love and dedication that Anna does her job with is incredible and it is the secret that encourages the kids to show their abilities.”

“My daughter’s self-esteem and self-confidence has drastically increased under Anna’s tutorage – the best hobby with the best teacher!”